Leah Cox

Photo of Leach CoxLeah Cox serves as the Grant Analyst for the California Tobacco Endgame Center for Organizing and Engagement and is also the Operations lead for the AHA’s Advocacy Department’s federal and state grants including the CDC REACH and CDC COVID grants. In her role, Leah serves as an advisor to the program staff, ensures adherence to federal and grant compliance, develops standard operating procedures, leads budget development and financial management, manages contracting and procurement, conducts staff onboarding, and serves as the liaison with internal and external business partners. She has been working with government grant programs for twelve years and enjoy the unique creativity required in building something from the ground up or integrating new opportunities into existing programs. Where many people see red tape and regulations, Leah sees an opportunity to problem-solve and think outside the box. As a Tucson, Arizona native she graduated from the University of Arizona in 2006 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, then continued her education by obtaining her Master’s in Education from Northern Arizona University. In the workplace she is known for her positive attitude, dependability, and for remaining calm and composed in difficult situations. She is committed to helping the California Tobacco Endgame Center for Organizing and Engagement and the communities which it serves meet their goal of a healthier, tobacco-free future. Outside of the workplace she can be found spending time with her family, which consists of her partner, two children, and two huskies. She is usually up for anything and loves trying new things; from spelunking to lazy weekends, and everything in between.