Tobacco Is No Friend of Business

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Tobacco Is No Friend of Business

Tobacco is not only toxic to your health but is also bad for California’s economy. Smoking costs billions every year from lost productivity, worker absenteeism and health care costs.

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What’s at Risk?

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Enormous Health Care Costs

The direct healthcare costs of smoking in California account for $9.8 billion, and lost productivity due to smoking-related illness costs $1.4 billion every year.1

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Tobacco Hurts Your Workforce

Helping employees quit smoking not only improves their lives, it helps the bottom line. Each year smokers on average miss 6.16 days of work due to sickness, compared to nonsmokers who miss only 3.86 days.2

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Increased Expenses

A 2020 study shows that California apartment owners collectively could save up to $18 million per year by implementing smoke-free rules and policies at their properties.3

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