hidden Using Texting for Community Engagement

Using Texting for Community Engagement

Texting and messaging apps are fantastic campaign tools that enable you to have a real-time, two-way dialogue with supporters and move them to action. Because texting is such a common form of communication in our world, communicating with supporters in the same way they communicate with friends and family members can help build trust, put

hidden Spokesperson Training Guide

Spokesperson Training Guide

A spokesperson is the public face and voice of a campaign. Whether giving media interviews, testifying before a policy making body or presenting at a community organization. Your spokespeople give the campaign a human touch that resonates with your target audience and creates credibility. This guide provides tips for recruiting and training spokespeople as well

hidden How to Use Stories to Win Your Campaign

How to Use Stories to Win Your Campaign

Many of us have a story from our personal or professional lives about how tobacco use has impacted us or motivated us to get involved in efforts to prevent tobacco from hurting our communities. Perhaps a close family member or friend has died from smoking. Maybe you’re motivated by the opportunity to create a safe