VDOA 2021 Legislative Zoom Link Submission

4/14 Update

Thank you to all of our Leads! This page will be taken down 4/21. Please submit Legislative Feedback Forms here: https://organizingtoendtobacco.org/vdoa-2021-legislative-meeting-document-submission/


Zoom Lead Instructions

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a “meeting lead” and helping to ensure that your meeting with your assembly member/senator is successful! Please read the below information and complete the steps below.

We will email you the roster of participants. Please wait for the full list before sending you invite to others.

If your meeting has not been confirmed, please keep in touch with us and submit the form once confirmed. You can begin reaching out to those on you roster. Meeting attendees must be registered for the event and in most cases only those on the roster(s) you receive.

Note that we do have some participants who are letting us know they will not be attending and we are trying our best to keep tracking up-to-date.

Create Zoom Link and Submit Using Form Below

  • Create a Zoom “meeting” (not “webinar”) for the date/time of the meeting and use this title template:  CA Tobacco Endgame Center – AD/SD # Constituent Meeting.  (for example: CA Tobacco Endgame Center — AD 22 Constituent Meeting).
  • When scheduling your meeting, please reserve the time 10 minutes before the meeting time with your legislator (example if your meeting is at 10:30am, schedule it for 10:20am).
  • Submit the meeting invite to us using the form below.
  • We will send you the roster of attendees to forward your meeting invitation to the week of 4/5. We will update the meeting invite we sent to the legislative office with your Zoom meeting information and CC you (Watch for mid- to late-week, please do not forward that calendar item)

Set Up a Prep Session with Your Fellow Meeting Attendees

During the Week of April 5 (but not later than April 12) hold a meeting with your other group members to get organized for the meeting with your Assembly Member/Senator.  At this meeting, the group will decide:

  • Who will speak
  • What messages will be delivered and by whom
  • Who will close the meeting, who will send a follow-up thank you note and the “Legislative Leave Behind” document, etc.
  • See “Tips for Effective Meetings with Legislators.”

The Tobacco Endgame Center will send you a “Legislative Feedback Form” with instructions how to submit it after the meeting with your legislator.

Please submit one entry per Assembly or Senate meeting.

If you have questions, please email [email protected] and [email protected].