Sample Message to Your Legislator–Tobacco Kills Too Many

Subject: Tobacco Kills Too Many Californians

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Dear Assembly member (Name)/Senator (Name),

Please help lead California to a healthier place by addressing the tragic harm done by tobacco and the tobacco industry in this state.

While it is true that California has come a long way in the fight against tobacco, it remains the leading cause of premature death killing an estimated 40,000 adults each year. All the while the tobacco industry continues to thwart local and state efforts to reduce smoking and teen vaping.

[Include a personal story or message about why tobacco concerns you].

While we’re fighting a deadly pandemic, there is a teen vaping epidemic in this state. Vaping devices are the most commonly used tobacco product by teens in California and more than 80 percent of high-school students who consume tobacco use a vaping device.

Thank you for taking a stand against tobacco.


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