Jacquelyne (Jacque) Marianno

Jacquelyne (Jacque) MariannoJacquelyne (Jacque) Marianno – Digital Media Specialist, Western Region. Ms. Marianno has more than ten years ofexperience in marketing with a focus on digital and most of her time spent in the beverage and health industries. Ms. Marianno is a digital strategy director with the AHA Western States Affiliate. In her role, Ms. Marianno works on social media strategy, content, analytics. Ms. Marianno is a graphic designer; a video editor; and manages Affiliate web content with the primary on delivering collaborative and creation content. Her digital strategies drive increased engagement and support towards AHA’s revenue goal through consultation on sponsorship, maintenance and strategy of our Affiliate web presence to propelling volunteerism through the AHA’s social media ambassador program. As Digital Media specialist, Ms. Marianno will be in charge of advising on and implementing the Center’s digital media strategy, including content, creative design and analytics. The digital media specialist will help drive increased engagement with the Center and support its core communication and dissemination functions. She will work with the communications specialist and AHA’s larger communication team to ensure the Center’s work reaches all audiences in California.