Paul Knepprath

Photo of Paul KnepprathPaul Knepprath is the Director of the California Tobacco Endgame Center for Organizing and Engagement. Paul has been a leader in public health and health care advocacy for more than 25 years at the local, regional and state levels in California. Prior to the AHA, Paul served as the Vice President for Policy and Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, the advocacy arm of the seven Planned Parenthood organizations that operate 115 health centers in the state. Prior to this, Paul served as the Vice President of Advocacy and Health Initiatives for the American Lung Association in California. Paul was responsible for the lung association’s mission delivery, community and school-based programs, local advocacy and state legislative affairs. He significantly expanded the lung association’s advocacy efforts by securing millions in state contracts and foundation support for tobacco control, climate change, and air quality policy advocacy. He served as one of the state’s leading advocates in California’s well-chronicled campaign to reduce tobacco use, combat the influence of the tobacco industry and de-normalize tobacco use. He helped pass numerous state and local laws to protect employees, the public and children from secondhand smoke, served as a media spokesperson and has appeared in numerous local, state and national print publications as well as in electronic media. While with the ALA, Paul helped develop and secure funding for the Center for Tobacco Policy and Organizing, the precursor in ways to the current Tobacco Endgame Center.

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