Jamie Morgan

Jamie MorganJamie Morgan, Government Relations Director, Western States Region. Ms. Morgan has developed policy and advocacyexpertise in one of the most important issues affecting cardiovascular health in our region, tobacco control and prevention. Ms. Morgan has testified at public hearings, drafted and analyzed legislation, and maintained longstanding relationships with state agencies and those who influence policy and law. Some of her key accomplishment include representing the AHA in a lead role as a sponsor and member of the executive committee of the Prop 56 Coalition and helping to draft the initiative which led to the passage of Prop 56, the $2 tobacco tax, in California; working on legislation that regulates the use of electronic cigarettes the same as all other tobacco products; and legislation that establishes a more accurate definition of “tobacco product” to include a product made or derived from tobacco or nicotine that is intended for human consumption, regardless of how it is ingested. Ms. Morgan will advise on strategy regarding the Center’s core efforts related to polices related to tobacco elimination in CA by the end of 2035. The Legislative Advisor will guide the team withrespect to strategies aimed at the California Legislature. She will also advise on targets and outreach for activities like the Information and Education days.