Juan Villa

Juan VillaJuan Villa brings to the AHA/Center more than six years of experience in issue-based and electoral organizing, most recently coming from Golden State Opportunity, a statewide nonprofit dedicated to reducing poverty and uplifting low-income Californians. In this role, Juan worked as a Campaigns Coordinator and Field Organizer where he helped grow and expand the utilization of the California Earned Income Tax Credit to help low-income families build financial stability.

Juan grew up on the West side of San Bernardino, a diverse low-income community, where he grew a passion for community organizing. Juan enjoys mobilizing his community and has led grassroots efforts to increase civic engagement. Juan has also worked on several local and federal political campaigns and organizations, including NextGen America and Pete Aguilar for Congress. He believes that community buy-in is the most important piece to organizing.

Juan enjoys spending his spare time with family and his one-year-old son, who is growing up way too fast!